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About Page Anxiety

I don't know about the rest of you but one of the biggest challenges I had when setting up my blog was writing an “about page”.  I seriously struggle with writing about myself and must have stared at a blank page for two days trying to figure out what to write.  Talk about a stress inducing activity!  I think I've had probably 30 different versions and I still consider it very much a work in progress.  I mean how do you sum yourself up in a paragraph or two without sounding like an egomaniac?

writing a killer about page for your new blog. A great about page is an important part of your blog here are some tips to help you overcome about page anxiety and get the job done.
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I struggled big time until I reframed how I approached writing my page.  A tip I came across said to take the focus of you personally and focus on what your site is about.  This idea seriously took the pressure off me when I reworked my about page. It's much easier to focus on what your blog purpose is than to blabber on about yourself.  Listed below are just some of the other suggestions I found on formulating a killer about page:

Make an amazing first impression:

The first line of your about page has to grab the reader's attention immediately and push them to read the first paragraph.

If you only have 10 seconds with the person at the other end of the interwebs before they disappear forever from your life, what’s one sentence you can say to the person to make him/her want to STAY and become virtual bff's?

Is it  “Hi, my name is Tammy”? Probably not, right?

Make the headline of your about page attention-grabbing, and make them want to know more. Pique their curiosity.

What's in it for them?:

After reading your about  page, the reader should be clear as a bell on who you are helping and the purpose behind your blog. Whether your goal is to entertain, inform, or to problem solve, you need to ensure that your about page leaves the reader shouting  “OMG YES, THAT'S ME!”

It’s all about calling out to your tribe and welcoming them to your community.

about page for your new blog
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Bring out your inner egomaniac:

Yeah I know, I know – I said I didn't want to sound like an egomaniac but well this is one place where you get to toot your own horn.

Share how you got to where you are at – your education, work, and life experiences.  Past successes, your social proof (size of your online communities) and any accolades you've achieved.  If you've got it, then your about page is where you flaunt it!

Convert them into your internet pals:

Now that you have their attention, it's time to convert them into your internet pal. They believe that you have the goods to help solve their problems and that your blog is worth reading, so invite them to subscribe.

Give them the avenue to stay connected and come back again. Welcome them into your community with wide open arms and invite them to your online homes on social media.

But really, get your audience to subscribe.  Getting them on your email list is powerful because you can then email all the great stuff from your blog and entice them to come back in the future.

Feeling Really Brave?

Try adding a video to your about page, video is the ‘it' medium these days and really, what better way to connect than with a video introduction? (I'm working on mine now!).

Go Forth and Conquer!

I hope these tips help you create your very own killer about page.  Don't be afraid to change up your post on a regular basis as your blog and business evolve.  Good luck!

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  1. My about me page has been revised 6 times and counting. I'm sure I will end up doing it again.
    Posted on July 22, 2016 at 9:24 am
    1. Always a work in progress Katina!
      Posted on July 22, 2016 at 9:56 am