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Stock Image Sources

stock image sources for your blog or social media graphics
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Have you been looking for stock image sources? Having eye-catching photos and graphics on your blog posts and in your social media graphics is a huge part of creating engagement with your blog and social media profiles.  The online world is very visual and you need to stand out to get noticed. ( I wrote more about this here too). Great images are a terrific way to do that but you need to do it the right way!  You CAN'T just grab any image you find on the internet and use it.  You could find yourself in a whole lot of trouble doing that!!

Did you know that you could be fined $8,000 for an image pulled from Google Images (or other sources) due to copyright infringement? That's right. Even if you cited and linked back to the photographer.

Thankfully if you aren't a great photographer there are some fantastic resources available on the wonderous internet that are great f*r*e*e stock image sources!  There are also lots of sources of paid stock images as well.  I've compiled a list of some of my favorite ‘go-to' sites for images to use on my blog and my social media graphics for Instagram and Pinterest.

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Image from Stock Up

Some of my favorite resources

Just make sure you always check that the images are free for commercial use if you are using them on a public platform and can be used without attribution (in other words you don't need to indicate where you got the image from!)  There are hundreds of different places you can get images to use but here is a short list of some of my personal stock image sources:

There are is also an endless list of photographers and designers who offer free images you can use – I suggest you hop on Pinterest and do a search for free graphics or free stock images.  And don't forget to hit up family and friends who are keen photographers and ask them for contributions (and give them credit!)

Here's to you success,

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free stock image sources for your blog or social media posts

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