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You’ve been working on building your business for months.

You might be a solopreneur who has your service offers and a couple of products under your belt.

You might be a blogger who has established some content and has started building income through referrals or reviews. 

You may even be in direct sales and have managed to build a community group around your brand.

But something’s still missing.

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Serve a community you love by asking them what they want from you with quiz surveys
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One of the best ways to grow your brand and serve your community is to use quiz (survey) tactics. When you quiz your audience, you don’t have to guess what they want anymore. They’ll tell you want they don’t want or like and share with you what they would love to see you offer.

Don’t spend anymore time trying to figure out what your community wants until you take time to connect with your community and discover what they want. When you do this first, you’re likely to create very happy customers and happy customers tell their friends about your service or product.

You are in luck because I’ve already created an in depth workbook on how to identify your target niche market – you can download it from my free resource library.

Before you create your quiz, you first need to identify who your ideal client is. Ask yourself who you want to sell to or serve and why. A good answer will be specific enough to bring a picture to mind of your perfect customer.

Avoid Generalizations about Your Customers

You may be tempted to come up with a generic answer like, “My target audience is women”. That might be a start but there are billions of women in the world. Your blog, product or service can’t possibly help them all.

You have to drill down past gender and other generalizations to really identify who you’re serving. You could start by asking yourself some of these questions:

  • How old is my target client?
  • What’s her income level?
  • Is she religious?
  • What’s her educational background?
  • What language does she speak?
  • How will my product or service improve her life?

All areas are not going to be important to every product or service. For example, if you sell handmade baby blankets, then religion may not matter to your ideal client. It all comes back to who you want to serve.

Don’t Look to Family or Friends for Answers

When it comes to market research, don’t ask your spouse, parents, cousins or friends what they think of your business idea or product. Even if one of them happens to be within your target market, chances are they will tell you what you want to hear. It’s a rare person who will tell you the truth despite personal considerations.

You even have to be careful about doing ‘on the fly’ research on forums and in online chats. The social environment isn’t conducive to thoughtful answers.

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Your Target Market Should Excite You

By the time you’ve identified your target market, you should be excited and bursting with ideas. If you’re not happy or worse, if you now dread the thought of serving your community, then you picked the wrong one.

Go back and start over. Keep clarifying who it is you want to serve. It’s so much easier to build your business when you’re serving a community that you care about rather than one that you’re just lukewarm about.

Find a community and fall in love with them. These are the people that you’ll be serving for years to come, so don’t skip this vital business building step.

Remember you can download your discovering your niche market workbook from my free resource library

If you know your community and are ready to skip ahead you can Discover how quizzes can be used to grow your brand when you download your free workbook.








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Using Quiz Tactics to Serve Your Online Community Better
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