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Hostess and Customer Gifts

If you've been in Direct Sales for any length of time you have probably seen a lot of discussion about giving hostess and customer gifts as tokens of appreciation. Do you give a gift? If so, what do you give? Do you give the same gifts to groups (hostesses, customers, referrals, etc.) or do your gifts vary depending on the situation?


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Generally speaking, it is a great idea to recognize those who directly and positively impact your business, direct sales is based on relationships, so nurturing the relationship between you and your customers is just plain good business. Keep in mind that you there is no need to go overboard and break the bank in showing your appreciation. Just think back to a time when you received a simple token of appreciation and how good it felt.  What came to mind first – the item you received or the person who gave it to you? Odds are your memory went first to the giver and then to the gift. That’s because there is joy in receiving – it makes the recipient feel special and reminds them that they are valued.

Of course, we know that giving is good… but what to give? Here are a few suggestions for hostess and customer gifts to get your juices flowing. Try to think out of the box a little – be unique, thoughtful, and purposeful in your giving.  It can be related to your business or something completely unrelated – here are a few ideas to get you started.

For Hostesses:

These are the beautiful people that are graciously opening their home(or Facebook feed) for you to grow your business.

  • A small bouquet of flowers that can be used as a centerpiece for her party. These can usually be purchased at a grocery store on your way to the event.
  • A bottle of wine to serve her guests.
  • A few items that compliment your product line. If you sell skin care products, for example, perhaps a small basket with a loofa, some sponges or other applicators, and a small make-up bag. If you are with Jamberry a small manicure set or other accessories are always appreciated.

I like to choose a gift after speaking with the hostess and getting to know her a bit. This typically gives me insight into some of her likes and dislikes and allows me to choose a more personal gift and one that is appropriate to her and they type of party she is hosting.

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For Customers:

These are the people that are buying from you on a regular basis and supporting your business over time.

  • A note or card acknowledging a special event. Add your best customers and hostesses as friends on your most used social media platform to get a little insight into their personality. This usually also gives you first-hand knowledge of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days as they approach. Everyone loves a little happy mail in these fast-paced days of email and text messages. It’s an easy way to let her know you’re thinking of her. Don’t mention your product or your party plan. Just work on building that relationship!
  • A new product, or a coupon for a small discount on a product you know they’ll love.

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For Referrals:

These are the people who are so happy with you and your business that they have decided to send their friends and relatives to you as well. What an honour! Reward your referring customers and hostesses with a gift certificate to your business allowing them to shop more for themselves.


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Package your gifts well and wrap them with pretty ribbons, tissue, and cellophane for a special added touch. Your recipient will remember you for the extra effort and your relationship with that client will grow stronger in the process!

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