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Jamberry Hashtags

If you are using Instagram to help promote your Jamberry business then hopefully you've discovered the importance of using hashtags to increase your engagement and followers.  If you aren't using them yet then you need to go and check out this post on why Hashtags are Your BFF on Instagram.

Hashtags = Eyes on Your Posts

Hashtags – love them or hate them, if you are on Instagram they are the key to success.  Simply put, hashtags expose your posts to more Instagram users who are looking for what you've got.  They are actively looking for pictures of the perfect #mani.  If you post your fabulous shot with #mani you'll show up and if they like what they see you'll get one of those magical hearts or even better they might check out your profile and become a follower!

You want to be popular, but not too popular

There are literally millions of hashtags.  The key is to find popular hashtags, but that said, you don't want them to be too popular.  When a hashtag is really popular and is being used a lot, the feed for that hashtag tends to move really fast.  So it's more difficult for your post to be seen.  Generally speaking, you want to use hashtags that have been used between 50,000-500,000 times.  You can absolutely use them outside of those ranges but you'll find that under 50,000 they don't get as much traffic.  Over 500,000 it's a fast moving feed so harder to get noticed.

How Many Do I Use?

The statistics seem to point at 11 hashtags being the magic number.  And by magic number, I mean posts with AT LEAST 11 hashtags perform better than those with less than 11.  Instagram allows you to have 30 hashtags in your posts.  So use them!  Aim for between 11-30 to get the best results but don't go crazy and just add hashtags for the sake of it. Make sure they are relevant and of high quality!

60 + Hashtags to get you started

This is by no means a comprehensive list and I've tried to keep it to hashtags that aren't overly popular.  I've left off hashtags that relate to the business side and focused more on product based tags. Hope you find it helpful!!

60+ Hashtags to Use on Your Jamberry Instagram Posts
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You can download the PDF version of this list here: 60+ Hashtags to Use on Your Jamberry Instagram Posts

Hey, now that you have all these great hashtags to use you should check out my Hashtag Hack post!

Here's to YOUR success,

Tammy Rose-Townsend
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Jamberry Hashtags for Instagram

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