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Easily add hashtags to Instagram Posts

Every once in a while you learn something and the simplicity of it kind of blows your mind – this little trick was one of those things!  (Yeah okay I can be easily impressed, but that's another story!).   So  the thing with Instagram is that hashtags are king when it comes to having your content found and to make it extra tricky the new algorithm means you need to get those hashtags in quickly to get the most out of them.  You used to be able to add them at any time and your post would get bumped up but that isn't the case anymore! You need to get those hashtags to Instagram quicksmart! Watch the video below or check out the step by step instructions under the video!

On your Android, if you don’t have the option of Shortcuts in your Settings/ Language and Input, you will need to download Google Keyboard which is free.

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Step by Step

The first thing you are going to do is create your list of hashtags in the Notes app on your iPhone.  I tend to create several different short lists of about 10 tags that relate to the different types of posts I make .  Once you've done your list you are going to copy the list and then you are going to go to  SETTINGS -> GENERAL ->KEYBOARD ->SHORTCUTS

Once you get to Shortcuts you are going to click on the + sign up in the right hand corner. Click in the ‘phrase' section and then ‘paste' your list of hashtags.  Next you want to name your shortcut – whatever you name it make sure you remember what set of tags it goes with. Then click the ‘save' button and that's it!

Now the next time you want to add your hashtags when you type the name of your list the auto text will pop up – you simply press the space button on your keyboard and the whole list of hashtags will be pasted into your post!  You can quickly edit them or add a few more hashtags and press enter and you are done!

The bonus of this tip is you can use it for any type of text you type up a lot for example your website or email address or contact details!


Author: Tammy Rose-Townsend

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