This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you make a purchase using one of these links.

This post contains affiliate links, this means that if you should choose to purchase the program I may receive a small compensation for sharing the course with you – this is at no additional cost to you.  I only share resources that I use and love myself!

The next blogging bootcamp starts June 2018

A Successful Blog Made Easy

Blogging is one of the best ways I know to create an income from home.  It's something anyone can do – but it requires some technical skills, dedication, and a PLAN.  Many prospective bloggers fall at the first hurdle of blogging, which is knowing HOW to start a blog.  Besides the obvious needing to know what you are going to blog about, you need to know how to set up a blog and maintain it – especially when you are first starting out and you probably don't have the budget to hire people to look after all the behind the scenes action for you.

There is a whole lot more to blogging than just writing posts and then hoping people read them! You can spend countless hours (months, YEARS)  scouring the internet for free resources on how to build your blog, manage it, do SEO, promote, monetize and grow your blog – OR – you can cut through all of that and get everything you need to launch and grow a successful blog in one amazing course.

Blogging Bootcamp

I'm not going to lie. I did the first option up above – I spent countless months teaching myself all the basics of blogging – the technical stuff (the boring stuff some say). I'm one of those lucky people who has a natural flair for technology and I pick the techie stuff up pretty quickly.  But it still took a significant amount of time.  I had those skills under my belt but I hadn't quite mastered the other side of blogging – the ‘having a plan and a vision' stuff.  That's where Brenda Ster from Sassy Suite came in.

I did some vision coaching around blogging with Brenda – we came up with a plan and I haven't looked back. In less than 12 months – I grew a blog that has regular traffic and is MAKING MONEY! Yep, I like that last part the best.

Not long after I did my coaching with Brenda she launched her Blogging Bootcamp course.  She's compiled all of her best tips for growing a successful blog AND teaches you everything you need to know about the technical side of setting up and maintaining your blog.

The new Blogging Bootcamp is a full service course that includes full technical setup and logo design so you walk away with a fully functional blog and branding!

Full Setup:  TBA

  • Access to all standard course videos and Facebook group
  • Genesis Framework
  • Choice of four WordPress themes
    • Full technical setup of your site (purchased outside of boot camp, with our guidance)
  • Full Setup + Design

  • Access to all course videos and Facebook group
  • Genesis Framework
  • Choice of select WordPress themes
    • Full technical setup of your site, on your host and domain (purchased outside of boot camp, with our guidance)
  • Bonus graphics videos
  • One private design consultation with Brenda and team on your blog’s design strategy
  • Inclusion on Sassy Suite client portfolio
    • If you register prior to May 15th You also get (for free) Winning with Pinterest

You will receive:

      • 6 Week moderated Facebook group to guide you through each lesson and stage of your blog development.
      • Access to Sassy Suite's “Brand Yo' Self with Suite Graphics” course so you learn how to create all the graphics you will need for your site.
      • Coaching on writing for what people are searching for, to reach your target audience.
      • Coaching on how to maximize Search Engine Optimization and submit your blog to the search engines.
      • Coaching on how to cross-promote your site on your social channels.
      • Discount on The Blogger's Suite, private support group – (You'll find me hanging out in here!)
      • Coaching on how to analyze your site data and analytics.
      • Coaching on how to update and maintain your site, theme, and plug-ins ongoing.

Make no mistake, this boot camp is labor intensive.  There are four major units, each will last approximately one week.  You will then have two additional months to launch your site.  You will create your own menus, customize your own widgets, create your own graphic, and write your own content…. with our support and guidance.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a web developer who creates a gorgeous site for you, hands it over, and says see ya!!  And you have no idea how to use it.  In our program, we do not do straight setups.  We only do guided boot camps where you learn to actually use your site from the inside.  So we will do the one-time technical tasks for you, and then we work together on guiding you through the rest.  Our full program is worth over $3000, if purchased individually through web developers or business coaches.  Our goal is to be a cost efficient option to bring your vision to life.

This boot camp is only offered a few times per year.  Get in now, and have your site live in 2018!

If you've been thinking about starting your own blog but the thought of getting started has been overwhelming – then you don't want to miss this course.  It will save you time, and money and get you off to a flying start on your blogging journey.  If you would like to check out some of the successful blogs that previous boot camp graduates have launched you can see them here

Need more convincing check out my post  – 9 Reasons You Need to be Blogging for Your Direct Sales Business

If you are after training and ideas to grow your direct sales, solopreneur or bricks and mortar business through social media and blogging you should check out The Socialite Suite

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out – I'm more than happy to help!

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Author: Tammy Rose-Townsend

Tammy is a mom to 5 kids ranging in age from 20 to 3 - they all have Pyrrole disorder and MTHFR gene modification and she is passionate about sharing tips on what works for her family in managing symptoms naturally and on a budget. When she's not taking care of the gang she is blogging and sharing tips on how to make money from home through blogging, social media and direct sales. She also runs the online direct sales site the leading online direct sales consultant directory and blogging platform.

Sassy Suite Blogging Bootcamp for Direct Sales, Solopreneurs and Small Business
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