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Embedded Content

Embedded content post-challenge time! It's been a little while since we finished off the blogger's content challenge but I thought I'd rustle up a new challenge for the new year.

I nominate the type of post and you go away and choose a topic and create content that’s going to be relevant to your readers, and then you can come to the Challenge Group and share your piece of content with other challengers. That way, you’re not only creating a good piece of content but you are hopefully getting a few visitors to it as well.

The challenge for today is to create a piece of content that features embeddable content in it.

If you pay attention on social media you'll probably notice that a lot of the most shared content will have some sort of embeddable content in it.  It might be a video, a quiz or embedded Instagram posts (check out my post here as an example).   It can be content that you create or other people have created but had made available to embed. You can take the embed code, put it onto your site, give the creator credit and share with your audience.

The vast majority of YouTube videos allow you to embed posts on your blog. There are some exceptions of course but most creators allow you to embed and share. The reason that they allow it to be embedded on any blog or any other site is that it gets them more views to their video. It helps them to grow their profile and it can even grow their revenue if they’re running ads on the videos.

The upside to sharing video is it’s a relatively easy piece of content to produce.  If the videos are good it actually benefits your readers as well. It can introduce ideas and teachers to them that they may never have found otherwise. The other reason I like video, is that it appeals to a different type of reader and it gets a different type of content in front of them. It’s a win for the video producer, it’s a win for you as a blogger, and it’s a win for your readers.

YouTube of course, a very good place to find embeddable content. Other video sites also like Vimeo might be worth looking at to find pieces of content, you often get a slightly different style of video there. Video isn’t the only type of content that you might want to embed. In fact, there are many things that you can do in today’s challenge. You may even want to include a few types of embeddable content in your post.

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Here are just a couple of benefits of using this type of content.

  • Firstly, it can, if you choose good content to embed, increase the usefulness of your site
  • It can appeal to different learning styles and personality types if you choose different styles of content.
  • It shows your readers that you’re willing not only to promote yourself but someone else in your industry and that you’re connected.
  • It can add different voices, opinions, and experiences to your blog, adding different perspectives.

One of the big benefits is that it increases the amount of time that people are on your site. If you have a three or four or five-minute video, your readers are sitting on your site for that five whole minutes! This reduces your bounce rate and can help with search engine optimization. The longer time on page is a signal to Google to rank your site higher. It’s also one of the factors in Facebook as well. If you get people visiting from a Facebook link to your site and they’re staying on your site for a long time, that’s a signal to Facebook that they’re engaged.

There are a few different types of embeddable content that you might want to consider today. Video, is perhaps the most common one but you could also use slides from SlideShare.  Go have a look there for content that relates to your niche. You can embed Facebook updates that you’ve done or that someone else has done or embed tweets from Twitter.

You can embed audio files, you can embed cartoons using sites like Andertoons. You can embed live streaming replays. If you do a Facebook Live, you can take that video and embed it on your site. You can embed Instagram pictures, you can embed slideshows of pictures from photo sharing sites like Flickr or Imgur. You can embed infographics, pins from Pinterest, Google Maps or Google Earth. You can embed polls and quizzes from sites like Quizzer, mind maps,  Google docs,  a variety of different podcast or animated GIFS.

These are just some of the types of content that you could embed on your site. The key is to make it useful and ensure the quality is high.

Your Challenge

Over the next few days create a new piece of content for your blog that features embeddable content in it. It could be video, it could be a Slideshare, it could be any of those different types of content that I mentioned before. It could be someone else’s content that you embed or could even be something that you’ve created yourself in the past or specifically for this. If you really want to take things to the next level then create your own video and insert it into your blog post.

Once you created your piece of content and published it on your blog then come to our Facebook Group and share it with the other challengers. I encourage you to check out some of the other posts that people are sharing, to like what they’re doing, encourage them, you might even want to leave a comment on their post, or to share if you think it’s relevant for your particular audience.

Tammy Rose-Townsend
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