Essential Oils Toolkit for Pyrrole Kids Headed Back to School

    Ah, back to school. After a long hot summer, there is nothing like sending your gorgeous off-spring back to the classroom.

    Unless of course, your kids are anything like mine and they hate school with a passion.

    Don’t get me wrong my kids are bright and they do okay academically, but school is definitely not their ‘thing.’ Out of my 5 pyrrole kids only 1 of them hasn’t ‘hated’ school.

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    Back to school essential oils toolkit for kids with MTHFR and Pyrrole disorder to help them cope with the stresses of going back to school

      Carb Withdrawls & How to deal

      Deciding to go cold turkey on your favorite carbs (yes, the same ones that are bad for you, but so delicious) could be the hardest time in your life. The fuzzy brain, the headache, trying to beat the urge to run away from home and the whine of “I’m hungry” from the kids (oh wait that’s not from the carb addiction).

      Don’t worry, you aren’t alone,

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      7 stages of carb withdrawal as you transition to low car/keto diet

        The Ketogenic (Keto) Diet Versus The Paleo Diet
        Going Back in Time

        So I’m going to go back into my own personal timeline and then take a short walk down humanities timeline.

        I started figuring out my personal health issues because of my mad desire to help my kids out.  Figuring out their problems helped me figure out my own.  I now know that I have a MTHFR mutation and Pyrrole Disorder and this over time has caused a lot grief in my own health. 

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        Which plan is for you? Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Grain Free what worked for me.