DIY Essential Oil Inhaler Recipes for Colds & Flu

    We are a few weeks back into the school year here in Australia and it hasn’t taken long for the germs to be on attack. Second week of school we had gastro, now the kids are showing signs of a cold (stuffy noses abound). Sigh.

    We are also being bombarded in the media about the flu epidemic and being urged to get the flu shot –

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    essential oil inhaler recipes for flu and cold prevention and treatment

      Black Friday and Holiday 2018 Essential Oil Specials

      It’s the most wonderful time of the year for SALES! Seriously, I wait all year for this. Having a big family is expensive enough, but having a big family who all have their different health challenges…yeah it’s a bank breaker.

      I’m serious when I say I live for this time of year and the bargains I can grab on products that help support our journey with MTHFR,

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      black friday and holiday 2017 essential oil specials

        What is Dandruff?

        Before we talk about how to get rid of dandruff, let’s talk about what exactly it is. We all know the tell-tale signs of dandruff; those charming white flakes all over the shoulders, scratching your head and it looking like you’ve been caught in a snow storm – charming, right?

        Dandruff is a skin disorder affecting up to 50 percent of the world population at some point in their life. 

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        How to get rid of dandruff naturally - check out these 6 easy tips for getting rid of dandruff

          Anxiety is a bitch – Anxiety in Children is even bitchier

          Anxiety in children has become a pretty common phenomenon these days.  Have you got a stressed out anxious kid? It’s a terrible feeling for both them and you.  It can make you feel pretty helpless as a parent when your child is distressed and you feel powerless to help them.  I feel your pain momma, I have five kiddos who all suffer with various levels of anxiety. 

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          Help ease anxiety in children with these 10 essential oils and blends

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            Ear Wax Mmmmmmm (I know, TMI)

            Ear wax, we’ve all got it and that’s a good thing! Cerumen is the proper name for ear wax, and it is a substance that the human body naturally produces.

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            Excess ear was, ear care with Pyrrole Disorder, Pyroluria