Carb Withdrawls & How to deal

    Deciding to go cold turkey on your favorite carbs (yes, the same ones that are bad for you, but so delicious) could be the hardest time in your life. The fuzzy brain, the headache, trying to beat the urge to run away from home and the whine of “I’m hungry” from the kids (oh wait that’s not from the carb addiction).

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone,

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    7 stages of carb withdrawal as you transition to low car/keto diet

      The Ketogenic (Keto) Diet Versus The Paleo Diet
      Going Back in Time

      So I’m going to go back into my own personal timeline and then take a short walk down humanities timeline.

      I started figuring out my personal health issues because of my mad desire to help my kids out.  Figuring out their problems helped me figure out my own.  I now know that I have a MTHFR mutation and Pyrrole Disorder and this over time has caused a lot grief in my own health. 

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      Which plan is for you? Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Grain Free what worked for me.

        Balsamic Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

        These super easy and delicious drumsticks are Paleo and Whole30 friendly.  Plus my kids will eat them so they must be good…

        I don’t know about you but I love an easy dinner and these balsamic glazed chicken drumsticks fit the bill nicely.  They are sticky and sweetish which the kids love. Yet have enough sophistication with the balsamic to make them a winner with the adults in the house as well.

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        winner winner chicken dinner easy balsamic glazed chicken drumsticks

          Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms

          B6 deficiency is not very common in the general population, however, in those with Pyroluria/Pyrrole Disorder, it’s one of the most common deficiencies found. If you check out the common symptoms of pyrrole disorder you’ll see a deficiency in B6 is behind a lot of them.

          Why are people with Pyrrole disorder deficient in B6?

          Every single person makes pyrroles as a by-product of the conversion of iron into haemoglobin,

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          Vitamin B6 deficiency and it's impact on the symptoms of pyrrole disorder, food sources of B6 and taking supplements

            Non-Supplement Ways to Reduce Pyrrole Symptoms

            Rather watch and listen to a video transcript of this post? You can do that here or just continue to scroll to read.

            Pyrrole Symptoms come close to numbering in the 100’s and most of the advice you’ll find on reducing or alleviating symptoms involve taking supplements.  Problem is, Pyrrole is not a simple disorder to work with or treat. There are so many co-factors and conditions that influence the symptoms that an individual might experience that there is no one size fits all treatment when it comes to supplementation.

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            Pyrrole symptoms can be improved by reducing oxidative stress

              Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies

              We kind of have a chocolate chip cookie obsession in our house.  I have my ‘famous’ cookie recipe that my oldest insists I make whenever he’s trying to impress a friend.  It’s a traditional recipe complete with white flour and all the things that are ‘bad’ for the kids but we still break it out a few times a year because it’s just so darn good!

              Today’s little miracle was born out of a Facebook post by a friend a few years ago – she posted this link to a recipe and in my every humble attempt to be a bit ‘healthier’ with my baking I thought I’d give it a go. 

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              Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies

                Weekly Meal Plan = Sanity Saver

                Having a weekly meal plan literally, saves my sanity. Life is crazy. It’s even crazier with 5 children.  Add in each of them having different food sensitivities and personal finickiness and meal time around our house pretty much became a thing of nightmares.

                I used to absolutely love to cook, you couldn’t keep me out of the kitchen.  Then I went back to university to become a teacher and cooking became a chore,

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                  Ear Wax Mmmmmmm (I know, TMI)

                  Ear wax, we’ve all got it and that’s a good thing! Cerumen is the proper name for ear wax, and it is a substance that the human body naturally produces.

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                  Excess ear was, ear care with Pyrrole Disorder, Pyroluria