Mompreneurs are a special breed.  You’ve taken a chance to be at home with your kids and run a business at the same time. Somedays it feels like it’s all falling down around your ears.  When you are working you feel guilty for not giving the kids all your attention. When you’re playing with the kids all you can think about is the 101 emails you need to answer.  I have yet to meet a Mompreneur who doesn’t think she’s failing at one point or another.

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    Mompreneur that feels like a failure from Huffington Post Article

      Mompreneurs – the Mombie on Steroids

      Mombie – you’ve probably seen the memes floating about on social media.  That exhausted, babbling, sleep deprived woman limping towards you is affectionately known as the ‘Mombie’.  At one point or another we’ve all been one – it kind of just comes with the motherhood territory.  When you add in that extra special ingredient of being a mompreneur (a mom who runs a business alongside raising a family) you get what I like to call a  Mombie on steroids.

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      Are you a Mombie? Momprenuer's tend to be Mombies on Steroids adding running a business to the already manic world of motherhood.

        Work at Home Mom – or as I like to call it ‘When your Work Mates act like children Woman’

        If you are a work at home mom trying to balance your home based business and your family, and feeling like you are slowly (or quickly) going insane then, this post is for you. You can build a successful business with small children at your side. I have, and so can you!

        work from home mom with small children


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        work at home mom tips