Video is the hottest trend in social media

    Free music sources for your videos and live streams. I can hear you in my head right now saying “why do I need to worry about that?” Video and live streaming is the hottest trend in social media and online marketing for everyone from direct sellers to large corporations.  Video has the highest engagement and conversion of pretty much all modes of advertising. If you aren’t using video yet in promoting your business or blog you are missing out on a powerful method of growing your business.

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      instagram for Your Business

      Instagram, in case you’ve been living in a social media-free cave, is one of the hottest platforms available today.   It is a visual social networking app that allows you to share pictures and images straight from your smartphone. While most people use it to share pictures of their dinner or their kids latest antics, it has, in fact, become a very popular platform for businesses to use to connect with their target markets. 

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        Define your niche

        The focus of part two in this series is how to define your niche. In part one, (find it here) we discussed why you should use the niche marketing strategy in your business.  Thinking that the whole world is your customer is a recipe for disaster when it comes successfully marketing through blogging and social media.  Many direct sellers and small businesses start out thinking that everyone is a potential customer,

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          Blogging for your direct sales business

          Why do you need to be blogging for your direct sales business?  Direct sales can be an incredibly lucrative and fulfilling career, but it may not be as easy as some people make it out to be. You are one of many consultants in the same business and without a plan, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. You need more exposure but social media can sometimes be overrun by overzealous direct sellers trying to get noticed. 

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            Updated May 2018 

            Facebook’s Trigger Words

            Here’s the thing,  I’m in a lot of online groups and one of the things that people complain about on almost a daily basis is that their Facebook business page posts get almost no ‘reach’ – they just aren’t getting seen.  I think it’s been pretty well documented at this stage that Facebook has definitely become a ‘pay to play’ platform for businesses.

            Facebook is a business and they are in it to make money (just like you are in your business to make money). 

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            facebook's trigger words facebook engagement

              Stock Image Sources

              Have you been looking for stock image sources? Having eye-catching photos and graphics on your blog posts and in your social media graphics is a huge part of creating engagement with your blog and social media profiles.  The online world is very visual and you need to stand out to get noticed. ( I wrote more about this here too). Great images are a terrific way to do that but you need to do it the right way! 

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              free stock image sources for your blog or social media posts

                How and why to Use Hashtags

                I’m going to be super honest here and tell you I used to thing hashtags were kind of stupid and annoying.  Come on, admit it, you’ve seen posts on Facebook followed with ten thousand hashtags and it made you want to scroll right on by (and you probably thought a few other choice thoughts as well…) but guess what, used correctly hashtags can be your best friends when it comes to marketing your business. 

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                  Easily add hashtags to Instagram Posts

                  Every once in a while you learn something and the simplicity of it kind of blows your mind – this little trick was one of those things!  (Yeah okay I can be easily impressed, but that’s another story!).   So  the thing with Instagram is that hashtags are king when it comes to having your content found and to make it extra tricky the new algorithm means you need to get those hashtags in quickly to get the most out of them. 

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                  hashtags to Instagram