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    How To Encourage Social Sharing Of Blog Posts

    We live in a social world where much of our news comes from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To grow your readership and make sure your blog posts get the attention they deserve, you need to encourage your current readers to share what you’ve written on their favorite social media sites.

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    How to encourage social shares of blog posts

      Instagram Hashtags for Direct Sales and Small Business

      I’m working on a project and started creating a hashtag bank for using on Instagram posts.  I’ve written before about using hashtags and Instagram for your direct sales or small business – so you can go check out that post if you want to now how hashtags help you grow your following.

      Hashtag Bank

      Below you will find my Hashtag Bank with collections of hashtags for various categories that relate to direct sales (and small) businesses and bloggers. 

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      Best Instagram hashtags for direct sales, small business and bloggers.

        Pinterest Showcase

        If you have a Pinterest business account then chances are the new Pinterest Showcase feature has shown up on your profile page. Image from:

        This new feature means when someone visits your profile on Pinterest, you can show them a hand-picked selection of what you have to offer.  As you can see it sits right at the top of your profile so it is the first thing people see. 

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        How to make the new Pinterest Showcase feature work for you if you are a direct seller, solopreneur or blogger.

          Facebook Algorithm – Impact

          We talked about what the Facebook Algorithm is in Part One, and how to use Affinity to work the algorithm.

          Today we are going to round up the posts on how to analyze your post IMPACT to work the Facebook Algorithm.

          What is Impact?

          Quite simply, Impact is the cumulative amount of likes, comments, and shares your post has. The more engagement — the more your post will show up in the algorithm.

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          Working with the Facebook Algorithm part two - Impact. More likes, comments and shares makes for bigger impact

            What is the Facebook Algorithm?

            The Facebook algorithm is called EdgeRank it’s a complicated series of factors that decides which stories appear in each user’s news feed.

            Every action their friends take is a potential news feed story. Facebook calls these actions “Edges.” That means whenever a friend posts a status update, comments on another status update, tags a photo, joins a fan page or RSVP’s to an event it generates an “Edge,”

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            Working with the Facebook Algorithm to grow your engagement

              How to up the engagement on Instagram

              Ok, I have to admit it I’m kind of a statistics geek when it comes to blogging and social media.  This blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and whatever other platforms you use business is time-consuming.  If you are anything like me you want to know what you are doing is working.  I mean you want to know you aren’t wasting your time – am I right?

              So I’ve been using Instagram for a while –

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              7 Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Engagment

                Instagram Stories – Connect and Grow your following

                Instagram Stories are the new buzz in social media.  Some call it the copycat of SnapChat Stories (which let’s face it is a fair call), but there is no denying it’s already turning into a runaway success.

                Like its competitor – Stories allows you to create a string of pictures and videos that play sequentially for 24 hours before they disappear.  You can even add text or draw on your images (and my guess is filters will be released in the future). 

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                Instagram Stories to grow your Instagram follwoing for business

                  Jamberry Hashtags

                  If you are using Instagram to help promote your Jamberry business then hopefully you’ve discovered the importance of using hashtags to increase your engagement and followers.  If you aren’t using them yet then you need to go and check out this post on why Hashtags are Your BFF on Instagram.

                  Hashtags = Eyes on Your Posts

                  Hashtags – love them or hate them, if you are on Instagram they are the key to success. 

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                  Jamberry Hashtags for Instagram

                    Share Your Old Blog Posts (Easily)

                    You spent hours crafting your old blog posts, making graphics, and sharing them out through cross-promotion.  They have their shining moment and fade off into the sunset.  Kind of sad really.  All that work for a brief moment of visibility.

                    If you’ve been doing your homework on blogging and social media, you’ve probably heard that you should re-share and recycle your content.  This is absolutely true. 

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                    Revive old blog posts plugin for Wordpress. Recycle your old blog posts on Social Media Twitter and Facebook automatically straight from you blog no need to schedule on a 3rd party app.

                      Don’t be half-assed in your Social Media Strategy
                      You can’t be everywhere in real life or on social media

                      There you go I’m putting it out that right from the start.  This is the number one mistake that new bloggers and businesses make when they start out on social media.

                      They’ve bought into the hype that they have to be on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter. Blah, blah, blah….and so they do,

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                      Simple Social Media Strategy for small business