Embedded Content

    Embedded content post-challenge time! It’s been a little while since we finished off the blogger’s content challenge but I thought I’d rustle up a new challenge for the new year.

    I nominate the type of post and you go away and choose a topic and create content that’s going to be relevant to your readers, and then you can come to the Challenge Group and share your piece of content with other challengers.

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    Create an embedded content post blogging content challenge

      Pinterest Showcase

      If you have a Pinterest business account then chances are the new Pinterest Showcase feature has shown up on your profile page.

      https://business.pinterest.com/sites/business/files/kate-spade-showcase-final_0.gif Image from: https://business.pinterest.com/en/blog

      This new feature means when someone visits your profile on Pinterest, you can show them a hand-picked selection of what you have to offer.  As you can see it sits right at the top of your profile so it is the first thing people see. 

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      How to make the new Pinterest Showcase feature work for you if you are a direct seller, solopreneur or blogger.

        Facebook Algorithm – Impact

        We talked about what the Facebook Algorithm is in Part One, and how to use Affinity to work the algorithm.

        Today we are going to round up the posts on how to analyze your post IMPACT to work the Facebook Algorithm.

        What is Impact?

        Quite simply, Impact is the cumulative amount of likes, comments, and shares your post has. The more engagement — the more your post will show up in the algorithm.

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        Working with the Facebook Algorithm part two - Impact. More likes, comments and shares makes for bigger impact

          What is the Facebook Algorithm?

          The Facebook algorithm is called EdgeRank it’s a complicated series of factors that decides which stories appear in each user’s news feed.

          Every action their friends take is a potential news feed story. Facebook calls these actions “Edges.” That means whenever a friend posts a status update, comments on another status update, tags a photo, joins a fan page or RSVP’s to an event it generates an “Edge,”

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          Working with the Facebook Algorithm to grow your engagement

            Flagship content – Blogging 101
            What is Flagship Content?

            Sometimes called cornerstone content, flagship content is the content that your blog is known for.  Think about your favorite blogs, do you follow certain blogs because they have good quality content that you can reference and refer to again and again? When you think about a certain topic, do you think of a particular blog that you run off to search for information on? This is ‘flagship content’ and is generally based around the blog’s niche –

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            Make your blog the go to resource in your niche using flagship content

              Awesome tips for doing and online essential oils facebook partyMy Favorite tip for a successful Facebook Essential Oil Party

              Today’s post is a guest spot from Hope at Lifestyle with Hope – she’s sharing her favorite tip for making your online Facebook essential oil party or class a success!

              Tip for hosting an online Facebook Essential Oil Party from Hope at Lifestyle with Hope

              Sometimes you just can’t get everyone into one place for a live party. So, a virtual party is your next best bet. One of the hardest products to do a good virtual party is one where you need your guests to either taste or smell the quality.

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                Use a Gift Guide to Grow your blogging income

                One of the biggest ways that bloggers can earn money is through affiliate marketing.  The major holidays provide an ideal opportunity for a blogger to highlight the products they love while also helping their readers kill a pain point.  I mean who doesn’t get stumped during the holidays trying to figure out what to buy for all the people in your life?

                By creating gift guides you can help point people in the right direction and ease their holiday load by making their shopping easier. 

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                Creating holiday gift guides is an excellent way to monetize your blog or promote products your business provides. People are always looking for inspiration around the holidays.

                  Guest Post

                  I’m so excited to have Kristy from ForeverSparkly do a guest post today.  Direct Sales is an amazing way to make money from home and these days you can even do it all online from the comfort of your couch!  No longer do you need to get on the home party bandwagon you can hold your parties online through Facebook.  Kristy has put together her top 5 tips on how you can rock an Origami Owl Facebook party. 

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                  Learn 5 secrets to rocking an Origami Owl Facebook Party

                    Here’s the down low –

                    • During the challenge, I’m going to suggest a particular style of blog post for you to create.
                    • Create and publish the challenge post

                    Blogging Challenge 7 Write a link post pull up a chair and complete the challenge

                    Write a link post

                    Woohoo! We’ve made it to the last challenge in this series.  Today we are going to write a link post. What is a link post? Plain and simple it’s a post where you link to someone else’s content. 

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                    Blogging Challenge write a link post - grow your content and grow your traffic