Hostess and Customer Gifts

    If you’ve been in Direct Sales for any length of time you have probably seen a lot of discussion about giving hostess and customer gifts as tokens of appreciation. Do you give a gift? If so, what do you give? Do you give the same gifts to groups (hostesses, customers, referrals, etc.) or do your gifts vary depending on the situation?


    soapGenerally speaking, it is a great idea to recognize those who directly and positively impact your business,

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      Many party plan/direct sales business consultants start looking into how to be successful in direct sales long before signing their application. Whether you are already a representative for a company or hope to be one soon, here are a few tips to ensure direct sales success.

      1. SET GOALS. Why are you building a direct sales business? Do you want to save for a holiday? A new car? A new home?

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        Welcome! You are a brand new Jamberry Consultant!

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        Those words probably excite you and terrify you all at the same time! I’m so excited that you have decided to join the team and become a new Jamberry Consultant.  Starting a business is extremely exciting  but can also be a bit daunting, but guess what? You are in luck! I’ve got some great tips for the new Jamberry consultant and you have a whole world of resources at your fingertips –

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          Thanks to the internet and platforms like Facebook having an online Jamberry party is an awesome alternative to the traditional direct sales home party.  You can earn amazing hostess rewards all without cleaning your house or getting out of your jammies!  As a consultant I want to create a fun shopping experience for both my hostess and her guests but I can’t do it alone –

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          Online Jamberry Party Format How to host a killer online facebok party

            What is a Launch Party and Why do I Need One?

            Our direct sales team has welcomed several new members recently and I want to be sure that I help them kick off their business with a bang! These ladies are truly rock stars in the making and we want all of their friends and family to know just how awesome their new businesses are! It’s a pretty standard step to hold a launch party when you start your direct sales business,

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              Here are some of the best (superhero traits) and possibly worst parts of being a WAHM –

              20 Signs you are a work at home mom. Work from home humor.

              1. A WAHM works days, evenings and even pull some swing shifts.
              2. Find a way to juggle laundry, dusting, motherhood, and partner while meeting deadlines and managing the day-to-day activities of running a business.
              3. A WAHM deals with the ambivalence of friends and family members because they don’t get that you run a real business and shock horror make real money!

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                A Business Model that’s Ideal for the Stay at Home Mum

                I’m like lots of women – I went to school, grew up and started working and without boring you with too many details I’ve taken a few different paths in my career over the years, some more glamorous and rewarding than others.  I’ve had jobs I’ve loved and some that I did just because I needed money to live!  I’m extremely lucky that when I got married and we decided to have a family we were able to get by on one income –

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                Why I chose direct sales over getting a real job