It’s The Weekly Suite Bloggers Linkup

    Our Suite Bloggers are sharing their favorite posts this week.

    One of the greatest parts of blogging is the community you can build by connecting with other bloggers. The Suite Bloggers Community is an extension of The Socialite Suite where the focus is on building your direct sales or boutique business online.  The Suite Bloggers is where we focus on how you can use blogging as part of your online strategy.

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    Suite Bloggers Linkup - Roundup of posts about direct sales, fitness, lifestyle and home.

      You’ve been working on building your business for months.

      You might be a solopreneur who has your service offers and a couple of products under your belt.

      You might be a blogger who has established some content and has started building income through referrals or reviews. 

      You may even be in direct sales and have managed to build a community group around your brand.

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      Using Quiz Tactics to Serve Your Online Community Better

        This post contains affiliate links, this means that if you should choose to purchase the program I may receive a small compensation for sharing the course with you – this is at no additional cost to you.  I only share resources that I use and love myself!

        The next blogging bootcamp starts June 2018
        A Successful Blog Made Easy

        Blogging is one of the best ways I know to create an income from home. 

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        Sassy Suite Blogging Bootcamp for Direct Sales, Solopreneurs and Small Business

          My Blog Income Report – The first 10 months

          I decide to bite the bullet and write my very first blog income report.  I was kind of terrified to put it down on paper, but now that’s it’s done I’m SO glad I did!

          The good news is I’ve actually made money and that is something I was questioning simply because I’ve invested A LOT of money into my blog and as I am approaching my first year of blogging anniversary I was starting to think maybe I had spent more money than I have made –

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          Jams and Scones first blog income report

            Instagram Hashtags for Direct Sales and Small Business

            I’m working on a project and started creating a hashtag bank for using on Instagram posts.  I’ve written before about using hashtags and Instagram for your direct sales or small business – so you can go check out that post if you want to now how hashtags help you grow your following.

            Hashtag Bank

            Below you will find my Hashtag Bank with collections of hashtags for various categories that relate to direct sales (and small) businesses and bloggers. 

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            Best Instagram hashtags for direct sales, small business and bloggers.

              Pinterest Showcase

              If you have a Pinterest business account then chances are the new Pinterest Showcase feature has shown up on your profile page.

     Image from:

              This new feature means when someone visits your profile on Pinterest, you can show them a hand-picked selection of what you have to offer.  As you can see it sits right at the top of your profile so it is the first thing people see. 

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              How to make the new Pinterest Showcase feature work for you if you are a direct seller, solopreneur or blogger.

                Awesome tips for doing and online essential oils facebook partyMy Favorite tip for a successful Facebook Essential Oil Party

                Today’s post is a guest spot from Hope at Lifestyle with Hope – she’s sharing her favorite tip for making your online Facebook essential oil party or class a success!

                Tip for hosting an online Facebook Essential Oil Party from Hope at Lifestyle with Hope

                Sometimes you just can’t get everyone into one place for a live party. So, a virtual party is your next best bet. One of the hardest products to do a good virtual party is one where you need your guests to either taste or smell the quality.

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                  Use a Gift Guide to Grow your blogging income

                  One of the biggest ways that bloggers can earn money is through affiliate marketing.  The major holidays provide an ideal opportunity for a blogger to highlight the products they love while also helping their readers kill a pain point.  I mean who doesn’t get stumped during the holidays trying to figure out what to buy for all the people in your life?

                  By creating gift guides you can help point people in the right direction and ease their holiday load by making their shopping easier. 

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                  Creating holiday gift guides is an excellent way to monetize your blog or promote products your business provides. People are always looking for inspiration around the holidays.

                    Guest Post

                    I’m so excited to have Kristy from ForeverSparkly do a guest post today.  Direct Sales is an amazing way to make money from home and these days you can even do it all online from the comfort of your couch!  No longer do you need to get on the home party bandwagon you can hold your parties online through Facebook.  Kristy has put together her top 5 tips on how you can rock an Origami Owl Facebook party. 

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                    Learn 5 secrets to rocking an Origami Owl Facebook Party

                      This is how I remove Jamberry Nail Wraps with Lemon Oil

                      using lemon oil to remove jamberry nail wraps - remove jamberry nail wraps with lemon oil


                      Here’s  a great way to remove Jamberry nail wraps with lemon oil.  I don’t know about you but I try to keep chemicals out of my house and well, off my body as much as I can.  Reducing the load of toxins is pretty important to me especially with a house full of kids.  I love wearing my wraps but seriously hate using traditional nail polish remover to remove my wraps and polish so I searched out some alternatives.

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                      video on how to remove jamberry wraps with lemon oil natural alternative to nail polish remover