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Here's the drill –

  • During the challenge, I’m going to suggest a particular style of blog post for you to create.
  • Create and publish the challenge post

Blogging Challenges - Write a Story Post. Share a story and connect with your readers, grow you content and build your traffic.
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Write a Story Post

A story post that has the ability to really help in making deep connections with your readers.  You can create a memory in their mind and even help to bring about change in their lives.

Today, your challenge is to publish a story on your blog.  As always, you can create a written story, make a  video, use audio, use visual content or pictures, be as creative as you’d like. Stories are a powerful content style and are very effective for a number of reasons.  Stories can engage the imagination of your readers. They can go beyond facts and theories. They can trigger emotions and the engage the senses of your readers.

When your stories are  conversational, they can stimulate other people to react and to tell their stories (hey we all love some solid comments). Stories can grab and hold the attention, it’s amazing when you tell a story how far people will read (bonus your bounce rates will drop).  A good story post will help illustrate your points and help you to teach and be more convincing  in your content.  Great stories also get retold (hello social shares). This is great if you want other people to find your blog (who doesn't?), word of mouth kicks in with stories.

The challenge with story posts is finding a way to tie them into the rest of your blog content and to make them relevant, with a point to them that’s useful to your readers. That’s probably the biggest challenge for today for you is to find a story that you can tell that is actually on topic and that is relevant for your blogs. Remember your blog is there to serve your readers!

 Types of Stories You Can Tell on Your Blog

  • Personal Discovery Stories
  • Stories as Analogies and Illustrations
  • Success Stories
  • Failure Stories
  • Biography/Tell Someone Else’s Story
  • “How I did it” Stories
  • Autobiographies – how did you get where you are today?
  • Picture Stories – use your images to tell a story
  • Case Studies
  • Fiction
  • Reader Stories – share successes from your readers
  • Collective Stories (have a few bloggers in your niche contribute to a story about how they did something)
  • Imagine If…. Stories
  • A day in the life – Walk your readers through a day with you! Great video content right there!

Your story can be serious, long, short, funny, inspirational – you name it!  I can't wait to see what you write!

Get to It!

  • Write and publish a Story post. Remember you can do it as a written post, a video, a podcast, anything you like.
  • Here’s to Your Success,

Tammy Rose-Townsend
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Blogging Challenge Write a Story Post. Build your content, build relationships and grow your traffic.

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