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Blogging challenge write a review post and grow your blog content and traffic fast

Write a Review Post

Some of you may already have blogs that are fully focused on reviews. This challenge is going to be easy for you because you’re just used to doing it every single day. Most of you won't have a review blog, you may occasionally review something or maybe you never have at all.  Whether you post a review on your blog every day or whether this is completely new to you, I really want to challenge you to do it. Reviews are great for a couple of reasons.

Why a Review Post?

  • They get read! People are always looking for others opinions on things they are interested in using or buying.
  • The possibility to monetize.
  • They are great conversation starters – great for getting comments.
  • They build credibility.

Firstly, they get read. One of the most common things people do before making a purchase these days is to go online to search what other people think of it. Writing a review of a product or a service or a movie or a book or something else positions you to be on the end of that search.

Secondly, when people land on your site researching with a purpose, they have an intent to buy something. There’s opportunity if you want to monetize that traffic.  You may be able to turn it into an opportunity for income through an affiliate link for the product that you’re reviewing.  Depending on the nature of your blog you may be able to monetize it through selling advertising on your blog.  If you end up having a talent for reviews you may actually find after you write a few, you can be approached by people who want to have their product reviewed. You could do that just to get the free product or you could do that to get a paid sponsored review opportunity from them.

The third reason reviews are a good style is that they are great conversation starters. One of the things I’ve noticed when I do write (or read) reviews is that they trigger people to share their experience of the products as well. Sometimes, it may end up in a bit of a debate where people disagree. That's okay as most of the time the conversation is really a fruitful one, as people will share their experiences of a product.

The last reason I think reviews are great is that they build your credibility. When you write  a well-balanced review that showcases what you know, people begin to take notice of you in your industry. This can open up all kinds of opportunities for you.

Your Challenge

It's time to write your review post! You can write a review on anything, it doesn’t have to be a product, it doesn’t have to be a service.

  • It could be something that you use regularly or something that you’ve just started using.
  • It could be a first impression review, it could be on a movie, it could be on a book, an ebook, a course.
  • It could be on a conference or an event that you’ve been to.
  • It might be a review of another blog, it might be a review of a restaurant
  • A song, a TV show, some clothes you own, a gadget, an app, a software that you have, a computer, the list goes on and on.

Choose something that’s going to be interesting to your particular audience and ties into the topics on your blog.

To Recap Today’s Challenge

  • Find something relevant to your niche/topic/audience to review.
  • Write your review post and publish it.

Remember you can do it as a written post, a video, a podcast, anything you like.

Further Resources on Creating a Review Post

Here’s to Your Success,

Tammy Rose-Townsend

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