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To recap –

  • During the challenge, I’m going to suggest a particular style of blog post for you to create.
  • Create and publish the challenge post

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List Post

Your challenge for today, should you choose to accept, is to write a list post.  The list post is one of the easiest styles of posts to write, so I think it's a good place to start.

List posts are  something most of us are familiar with, we’ve all read them. Most bloggers have probably created them. It’s also a post style that can be created relatively quickly depending on how you approach it.  I'll give you some options that you might take with your list post below.

It's also one of the most effective ways of creating content that appeals to readers. If you do it right list posts can attract a lot of traffic and that's something we are all after!

Why List Posts?

A list post works for a number of reasons. First, they’re scannable. People are time poor and a list post can be more succinct. It’s very easy to consume a list post, particularly if you format it well.  You can also be quite comprehensive if you want to be. List posts can also be very persuasive if you can come up with twenty-one things that support your topic – that adds a lot of credibility to your cause.

List posts can be easy to write, come up with an outline of the points you want to make. Then, you just go back and fill in the blanks after that. Lists are very shareable and it's the type of content that does get shared around a lot. Lists  can enable you to communicate something that can be quite complicated in a fairly easy to understand way.

Types of List Posts

The first type that I would suggest you consider is the simple list post. This is where the vast majority of your whole post is a list. You might want to write a short introduction or a short conclusion with a call to action at the end. But the list itself makes up the bulk of the post. You might not even bother with an intro or conclusion, you can literally just have a list!

An example of this is a post that I published a little while ago on 30 Blog Post Ideas with Titles that Drive Traffic, the whole post is a list. It’s just 30 examples of attention-grabbing snippets you can title your blog posts.

Secondly, you might choose to do a longer list post.  These are where you come up with your list and you might have a heading for each point which might be similar to that simple list and then you might write a paragraph on each of those headings. Or, you might write two or three paragraphs.  An example of that is something like my post 5 Powerful SEO Tips for New Bloggers.

The third type of post that you might like to choose today is where you just use a list within a post. You might choose to write something more in the format of an article, or an essay, a long format piece of content and then use lists within that as well.  I’ll share an example below.

I challenge you, if you are thinking no, I’m not doing a list post, they’re too light and fluffy, to write a meaty one, write the most comprehensive list post you can possibly write.

More Sample Posts

Check out these links for more inspiration.

10 Steps to the Perfect List Post

50 Family Friendly Dinner Ideas

20 Tips for Effective Direct Sales Leadership

A few more tips

Think about your formatting, it’s really important to make your post scannable.  Use headings, and subheadings and use bullets if that helps. If you’re doing a simple list post, one of those really ‘light' ones, it’s probably appropriate to use bullet points. If it’s a more comprehensive post,  use headings and subheadings and consider breaking the post up with images as well.

Work in further reading to the post. The points you write about can be a really effective way of making your post more comprehensive, more useful to your readers, but also getting people to visit other parts of your sites, through referencing to other posts you have.

Lastly, you don’t have to WRITE your list post! You can actually create a list post in other formats. A list could be the basis for a podcast, a live stream, infographic or a video. Ten Tips to something.  Feel free to take this in any direction you want, the key here is that you are creating something in that format, in that style. Be creative, make it relevant to your audience.

Remember you can write about any topic you like that is relevant to your blog.

    • You could write about five tools that you use, you could write a step by step guide.
    • Five habits of great entrepreneurs, direct sellers or great bloggers or whoever it is that you’re writing for.
    • You could write five mistakes that new people in your industry make.
    • You could write five books or blogs or YouTube accounts that everyone should check out.
    • You should write five reasons that you love something or five values that shaped you.

There are endless options (and it doesn't have to be 5 it can be 10, 14, 36 whatever you want!).


Here's to Your Success,

Tammy Rose-Townsend
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