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Blogging Challenge 7 Write a link post pull up a chair and complete the challenge
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Write a link post

Woohoo! We've made it to the last challenge in this series.  Today we are going to write a link post. What is a link post? Plain and simple it's a post where you link to someone else's content.  Blogging is a highly collaborative in nature and the more you help your readers through showing them the way to great content, the more credibility  you can build for yourself.

Some benefits of linking to content you didn't create

  • If you link to high-quality content the more you serve your readers
  • You show that you are well read and do your research which adds to your credibility
  • It helps you get noticed by those that you link – great for networking
  • If you work with groups of bloggers and link to one another it can help pass traffic around between you
  • If you link to quality sites it can help YOUR SEO

Firstly, if you link to good stuff, it serves your readers. As a new blogger, you might be thinking you don't want to send your readers away because they might not come back.  I understand that feeling, but the reality is you won't be an expert on everything and if you can link to someone who is an expert in a certain area, then your reader's will appreciate that because you save them from having to search around.

Another good reason to link is that  it can help to show your readers that you’re well read.  You know what you’re talking about and  you’re connected to the rest of your industry.  That can add to your credibility (you know, where your readers think you are awesome). It also can help you to get on the radar of others that you link to.  Do it right and they may share your posts on their social media. It becomes a bit of a win-win.

Linking is potentially good for your search engine rankings too. If you’re linking to quality content it can really help your own search engine rankings as well – the good old mystical ‘link juice' that Google loves.

How Do I do it?

There’s a number ways you might want to go with today’s challenge in terms of the types of posts that you might want to write. You may want to write something that is inspired by another blogger and then link to them as a source of your inspiration. Find a piece of content that you’re inspired by, that you resonate with, that you might be able to add to in some way.  Perhaps you can share how it's influenced your life. Or you might want to write about how you disagree with their point of view.

The second option that you might want to take today is a little bit more involved and time-consuming. You might like to create a 'round-up' post where you find a series of posts or videos, articles that you find on a certain topic.  Basically, you create a gallery of high-quality content around a certain theme.  It could be a recipe round-up, a collection of the best book reviews, you name it.

That's It!

As always make sure your topic serves your niche and readers and is relevant to your blog.  You don't have to ‘write' a post it can be a video, podcast or even just an in-depth social media post.  Whatever works for you and your blog.

Once you’ve created your content today, your link post, publish it and head over to the  Challenge Group on Facebook and share your link. Once you’ve shared it,  check out some of the other posts that people are sharing.

Thanks so much for taking part in this series of challenges – I hope you've found the prompts helpful.  Don't forget you can always come back and re-use the challenges over and over!



Here’s to Your Success,

Tammy Rose-Townsend
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