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Weekly Meal Plan = Sanity Saver

Having a weekly meal plan literally, saves my sanity. Life is crazy. It's even crazier with 5 children.  Add in each of them having different food sensitivities and personal finickiness and meal time around our house pretty much became a thing of nightmares.

I used to absolutely love to cook, you couldn't keep me out of the kitchen.  Then I went back to university to become a teacher and cooking became a chore, a big one.  Add in another baby (or 3) and my motivation to create whizz-bang meals completely evaporated.  I'm pretty sure at one point we were eating toast and cereal for dinner more than once a week.

Once we got down to pinpointing the health issues with the kids it became pretty important that I find at least some of that love for cooking again.  That's where creating a weekly meal plan came into my life.  I had to discover new recipes and new ways of putting together healthy meals for the kids (and myself) that met their individual quirks, didn't completely send us broke and didn't take my entire day to make.

Weekly meal plan to save you time and money
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The effort is worth it

Here's 5 reasons why taking an hour or so a week to plan out your weekly meals is worth it.

  1. Saves Money – Having a plan when you do the shopping, knowing what you need and not making impulse buys – saves you money, plain and simple.  Using tricks like buying in bulk for staple items will help save you even more money (and who doesn't want to do that?)
  2. You can eat healthier – Eating a nutrient dense ‘real-food' diet is vital for so many aspects of health (particularly when you have Pyrrole Disorder), but it also takes some planning. Meal planning lets you decide before you ever go to the grocery store what healthy meals your family is going to eat during the week.  If you’re switching to a healthier diet, meal planning is especially important to help you stick to it while you learn the ropes.
  3. You waste less food – Who loves finding those containers of food in the back of the fridge that resemble a science experiment?  With meal planning, I know how we are going to use all of the food for that week before I even go to the store to buy it. I have a weekly game plan that even takes leftovers into account so that food is rarely wasted.
  4. Saves time – Another great benefit of meal planning is the time it saves. Planning ahead allows me to cook things in bulk and freeze for a future meal. In the winter, I cook a lot of slow-cooker meals and pre-make many of these to keep in the freezer so that I can just stick one in the crock-pot and go in the morning on busy days.
  5. Adds Variety – It may seem that meal planning is rigid and boring, but statistically, families are more likely to eat the same meals over and over if they don’t meal plan. Meal planning allows you to ensure variety and avoid falling into the trap of eating the same five meals over and over (or spending money on take-away).

Weekly meal plan to save you time and money
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Meal Planning Done for You?

While meal planning doesn’t have to be hard, it can be time-consuming. With hundreds of fast, easy (and sometimes unhealthy) options available at each meal, it takes a valiant effort and a lot of planning to provide your family with nutritious meals.

So to help you out I've put together 52 weeks of simple meal plans to get you off on your merry meal planning way.  All the plans are based on gluten-free and vegetarian meals.  If you aren't vegetarian then simply add your favorite protein to the meals.  If you are grain-free like me then I've added links to grain-free options.  Don't do dairy? No problem there's substitutes for that as well.

This isn't a diet plan – it's a framework for you to use and make your own so it suits you and your family.  You'll get a weekly meal plan complete with a grocery list

  • You'll get a weekly meal plan complete with a grocery list
  • Tips for tweaking meals to suit your needs
  • Access to the meal plan vault that has extra resources
  • Coming soon – we will have a dedicated Facebook group for sharing recipes and healthy tips – it's amazing what you can learn from other people who are in the same boat as you!
  • All of this straight to your inbox and at no cost to you!

Simply fill in the form below and the first week's meal plan will be on it's way to you.

Here's to your health,

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Author: Tammy Rose-Townsend

Tammy is a mom to 5 kids ranging in age from 20 to 3 - they all have Pyrrole disorder and MTHFR gene modification and she is passionate about sharing tips on what works for her family in managing symptoms naturally and on a budget. When she's not taking care of the gang she is blogging and sharing tips on how to make money from home through blogging, social media and direct sales. She also runs the online direct sales site the leading online direct sales consultant directory and blogging platform.

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