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Business, Blogging, and Life with My Epigenetically Modified Family

Life with wonky genetics

We aren't your average family – we've got some interesting epigenetic challenges which means there is never a dull moment around here! From anxiety to allergies we've got tips on how to manage the symptoms we face as a family with MTHFR & Pyrrole Disorder.

The Family Townsend/Quigley
Essenital oils can be helpful for ear care with Pyroluria or Pyrrole Disorder

Natural Health

Managing our health conditions has it's challenges, but at the base of all we do is using incorporating a natural approach to running our home. We source low-toxin products, avoid additives and pesticides and make our own products when we can.

Blogging & Online Biz

Let's talk blogging and business. Working from home is my jam and I love to share my best tips on blogging, social media, and running an online business.

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Natural Home

Eliminating toxins and using natural products is really important in our house. We love to share some of our favorite home made and purchased products to help you keep your home low tox.


Natural Beauty & Body Care

Eliminating toxins and using natural products is really important in our house. We love to share some of our favorite home made and purchased products.


Natural Remedies

We like nothing more than using natural ingredients to make up our own remedies at home. We share our favorite remedies using essential oils, herbs and other easy to access ingredients.

Health and Nutrition - Simple recipes and information to make feeding the family quick and easy.

Our Favorite Recipes

We share some of our favorite recipes. With every member of the family having different nutritional needs we have an assortment of goodies we love. Grain-free, Paleo, Keto, LCHF and more!

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Good nutrition is the biggest tool in our arsenal in the battle for good health. We share simple ways to improve health with food. A good base in nutrition means less need for lots of supplements.

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All of my best blogging and social media tips. How to start your own blog, networking, content challenges, tools and more to help you be a successful blogger.

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Online Business & Direct Sales

Being a full-time stay at home mom meant I needed to find a way to earn an income from home. Running a direct sales business online was my answer. I share my best tips and strategies.

Family Life - fun ideas and inspirtation for the whole family

Family Life

From Parenting to the Care and Feeding of Mompreneurs - sharing our favorite family tips that are helping us raise Toddlers to Teens and still maintain our sanity.